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Beta 1 Coming Soon

Our plans are to launch Beta 1 before the end of this year, with the hopes of launching updates with new features and enhancements every other week.

Without going into every detail, here are a few noteworthy features we are most excited about.

One-on-One Photo Training

Need a little more hands on training than what watching YouTube videos provides? Visit any of our future brick and mortar locations and schedule your personal, One-on-One training with one of our TeraCertified ProPhoto Trainers! You pick the location, time, and subject, and we will bring the professional.

News, Reviews, & Personalized Content

We’re combing the internets looking for the latest stories, juicy rumors, and fun how-to videos all day. So, we plan on sharing our treasures with you! Want to see more of what your other PhotoFriends are doing? Custom news feeds allow you to change want content you see when you log in.

Mobile apps

You’re mobile, so should your access to our handy tools! Beta 1 will be launched on both Android and Apple devices, with additional support for Windows coming in future releases.

Retail Shopping

Coming early next year, you’ll be able to rent & buy photo gear right from your mobile device! Our future locations will also offer studio space, editing & printing bays, and One-on-One Training.

Cross Platform

Find yourself working between Mac and Windows? No worries! We’re building TeraPixel Studios Desktop App with cross platform in mind.

Online Galleries

Starting in Beta 1, you’ll be able to create and link private client galleries to your contacts with various security and restrictions, and create public galleries and portfolios to attract new clients!

Available Everywhere

Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android!

Tera Everywhere

We're not living in the late 90's anymore, so why put up with a service that doesn't give you access to your stuff everywhere? TeraPixel Studios will be launching everywhere cause we're fanboys of all kinda of tech.

Turnkey Solution

Create and track contracts, tax forms, and billing all from one account!

Tera's Turnkey Solution

Why manage multiple accounts for multiple services? TeraPixel Studios promises to do all of the grunt work and provide you with the ultimate solution for everything you need to run your photography business. From hobbyist to full-time professionals, we are the one stop shop to support your passion.

Digital & Analog

Custom prints to show off your work!

Digital & Analog

Not only will our locations offer Digital Editing bays to edit your work, but we will offer professional printing solutions to bring your images to life.


Some might call them crazy…Crazy passionate that is!

Scott Burch

Chief Executive Officer

Commodore of Space Monkeys


It’s not easy, being a Commodore of Space Monkeys, but someone needs to keep the dragon trainers happy.


Ahsen Jaffery

Chief Operating Officer

Secret Arts Collector


Do what you love, and love what you do…. or just do what you do and love what you don’t do… either way, the choice is yours.

So you do you!



David Ozee

Chief Development Officer

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I have 99 bitches, but a problem isn’t one.


Hayden Wise

Chief Creative Officer

Creative Ambassador!


God dammit Phil, you had one job!


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Chief Marketing Officer

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Nothing prepared me for being this awesome. It’s kind of a shock. It’s kind of a shock to wake up every morning and be bathed in this purple light.

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